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Mumbai Nightlife Goa Style.




Nikasha Tawadey and Nathalie Ressencourt De Sousa

Ash Chandler

Ash Chandler

Nikhil Chinapa

Nikhil Chinapa

Rij & Arshiya Eappen

Rij & Arshiya Eappen

Last night T.C., Nathalie and Carl played host at Cafe Goa (formerly Trafalgar Chowk) Bandra, Mumbai which they’ve taken over since January this year. Most of Mumbai’s party pack showed up (as predicted by T.C. who mock-panicked the night before saying, “…usually only about half the people you invite actually show up but this time everyone’s saying ‘Ya sure we’ll be there!’ I’m a little worried!”)

A little live music, open bar and a motley mix of North and South Mumbai’s party perennials made for quite a lively evening (oh and the mouth-watering spicy Goan sausage buns speak for themselves.)

Spotted: Rij & Arshiya Eappen, Nikhil Chinapa, Jerome Marrell (sans Wendell Rodericks), the crooner Shaan, Salim-Sulaiman (who was ruing the fact that although his upcoming honeymoon in Paris falls slap bang in between two amazing U2 and Madonna concerts family and other animals are planning to crash the party!), Henry Tham (a long way from town), Kadambari & Narendra Kumar Ahmed, Brian & Kaysoon Brown, Gary Lawyer, Loy & Eshaan, Sumit Chopra, Farookh Chotia, Kittu Gidwani, Nikasha, Lascelle Symons, Ash Chandler (who’s promised to pen his observations from the sober deck during Lent for my blog so watch this space for “Dry Ash!”), Ishita Arun, Farid Currim, the contingent from the British High Commission, Jules Fuller, Priya and Owen Roncon and some guy who looked an awful lot like Matt Damon in profile (but I’m told the real deal comes in a much smaller package.) Also a few guys had a giggle over the fact that one of the long-haired gents in attendance looked an awful lot like a desi version of the porn legend Ron Jeremy (I thought it best not to put his picture up lest I accidentally start some kind of huge scandal.)

Yudishtir Urs & Kim Jagtiani

Yudhistir Urs & Kim Jagtiani

Eventually the troops headed over to everybody’s favorite watering-hole Zenzi in Bandra (where I bumped into Yudhistir Urs and Kim Jagtiani who’s back from her traveling shoots again) and stayed till they were ushered out with plastic glasses only to rinse and repeat at Olive, Mahalaxmi where GQ Magazine is hosting its first bar night. Free “welcome cocktails” and New York based DJ Aaron James accompanied by live percussion is on the menu tonight!




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When it Rains I love to…

We all have our favourite thing to do when it rains, have you ever wondered how the glitterati like to pass the time when it pours?

Rain Dance

Rain Dance

Raveena Tandon: Take a long drive, enjoy songs on romance and the rain, have hot coffee and bhutta, drive out to the countryside and enjoy the rare greenery…

Chetan Hansraj: Enjoy a nice cup of hot tea with steaming hot bhajiyas with fried green chillis. It goes perfect with the rain!

Arshiya Eappan: sit at home snuggled under a comforter and watch a good movie with Rij. If I’m fortunate enough and have time off I’d love to go to my house in khandala and enjoy the rain there.

Archana Puran Singh: Walk on the mall road back home in Mussoorie, or on the beach in Madh island (my home in Mumbai.) Earlier I would go for a drive but after environmental awareness and to curtail my carbon footprint drives have been replaced by walks!

Shveta Salve: Sit by a quaint little café with a really nice book or just go for a swim!

Yudhistir Urs:
Go for a run in the rain and sit by some seaside place watching the ocean go mad. It would also help if I had some good company once in a while.

Milind Soman: Run in the rain at night, sit on the beach and watch the sea or else trekking in the Sahyadris.

Simone Singh: (If work schedules permit) Fahad and I like to escape to Goa in the rains. It’s a much more enjoyable experience outside the city.

Sunita Rao: Sing.

Nikhil Chinapa: drink adrak chai and watch movies! And if I can manage it adrak chai in Goa, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

Anish Trivedi: Listen to jazz. Smoke a cigar. Drink an old whisky.

Tupur Chaterjee: Sit at home, relax, drink tea and feel the rain mist on my face. I really love the smell of rain soaked soil.

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