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Go Tweet Yourself.

birdandt_tcm18-151058Remember how I told you I’ve decided to become the Mumbai Twitterazzi? (Follow me @missmalini.) So I’m doing my best to stay up to speed with all the lingo, technology (like the Tweet Deck) and Twitterati (i.e. celebrities/glitterati on Twitter) too! Now Gul Panag (possibly the only regular Bollywood Tweeter) is superfast with her tweets, you can follow her @gulpanag, she’ll tweet stuff like “Sitting under tree while I wait for the artificial rain shot to be set up. Spiders and all things similar are falling all over me.” (Random but personal, its nice.)

kidAnd then I came across this whole site dedicated to celebrities on Twitter called (you guessed it) Celeb Twitter. Everybody seems to be doing it! (I’m now following everyone from Perez Hilton @perezhilton (who’s kinda my inspiration for starting this blog, just tweeted him hope he replies!) and his own sorta inspiration Paris Hilton @babygirlparis to MC Hammer @MCHammer (can you believe it! You can’t touch this represent!)

Hold everything its David Hasselhoff @DavidHasselhoff.

TheEllenShow (love her, she made Obama dance!) and even the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger @Schwarzenegger (actually make that Governor Schwarzenegger) to Demi Moore who very cutely calls herself @mrskutcher (what an adorably geeky picture btw, she gives all the awkward little preteens SO much hope!) I’m guessing it was hubby Ashton Kutcher’s idea to begin with. (Remember he even had a bet on with CNN to see who gets a million followers first! According to Mashable he’s totally won that and heralded in a whole new face of social media.)

I mean its almost a little too much that you can directly tweet these global celebrities now (not to mention read their personal interactions with each other on the fly)  and whether or not they reply it’s a whole lot more likely to hit their radar than snail mail fan mail ever could. The fact that they now tell us where the party’s at and what they’re thinking/eating/doing/watching/wearing kinda puts the traditional paparazzi on virtual time out on the bench doesn’t it? It’s a whole new world and and its all a little bitter-tweet.


P.S. Try the Tweet Deck. Great way to keep on top of all your tweets and even synch in Facebook! Plus its super customizable look at mine, it comes in pink! (Much like my LPC and LPP!)


Ode to a random forgotten icon: I bet the creators of Tweety Bird had NO IDEA this was going to happen. I wonder what they’re thinking; “I tawt I taw a royalty check?”

Didjya Know?
Tweety (also known as Tweety Bird and Tweety Pie) is a fictional Yellow Canary in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated cartoons. Tweety’s popularity, like that of The Tasmanian Devil, actually grew in the years following the dissolution of the Looney Tunes cartoons.[citation needed] The name “Tweety” is a play on words, as it originally meant “Sweetie”, along with “tweet” being a typical English onomatopoeia for the sounds of birds. Tweety has appeared in 48 cartoons.

Tweety is, for the most part, a good-natured character happily spending life in his cage or a nest. However, when a cat or other adversary threatens him, he can become downright malicious and devious, even kicking his enemy when he’s down. In many of Tweety’s appearances the bird is shown accompanying his owner, Granny.

(Isn’t Wikipedia wicked cool?!)


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