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Ladies who Brunch



Harper’s BAZAAR managed quite a feat this Thursday afternoon getting all the glitterati girls (and women) to show up and scarf down a delectable luxury buffet at Café Prato & Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai. Sujata Assomull (Editor, Harper’s BAZAAR India) zipped down from Delhi (where she’s now based) and played perfect hostess to every size and shape of “Mrs. Socialite” including
Rita Dhody, Rhea Pillai, Akanksha Nanda, Ramona Garware, Pinky Reddy, Anju Taraporewala, Prerna Goel, Devieka Bhojwani, Malavika Sangghvi, Gauri Pohoomul, Monica Vaziralli, Simone Singh, Shefali Khanna,  Paulomi Dhawan, Chaya Momaya, Zeba Kohli and Sharmila Khanna over vino, salmon and sea bass. (Vineeta Trivedi who loves sea food was trying desperately to figure out what you’d call this fish in Hindi so she could score some at the local market. Anyone know?) Aarti Surendranath (clearly not keen on sabotaging her diet) asked that the chef rustle up a little spinach delight but confessed that her strategy would depend entirely on what was for dessert (which I’m told was divine and one of the ladies, I wish I knew who, even ate four!)

I also got the skinny on “fashion politics” from Divya Mohta who’s tell-it-like-it-is company is rarely unexciting. Everyone had a giggle over the fact that given it was a “work day” people were perhaps tied up and therefore coming in (fashionably) late but then again how many of this ladies actually work?!




Nina Manuel’s heavily accented replacement host Amrit Maghera got the once over (many times) from everyone and looked decidedly nervous amid such critical company. Oh and incise you were wondering how they put together all those clever “people mingling” montages I finally figured it out. This adorable waiter even managed to serve drinks (with a straight face) and a camera on his tray!



Meanwhile the edgy ladies Lilette Dubey and Shobhaa De seemed to be getting along famously over cigarettes and secrets on the patio and were definitely the “cool kids” at the party. Eventually everyone went home happy with a little goody bag of macaroons, diamante studded gold pencils and of course a copy of the magazine. Ah the good life!

(The “posed” pictures  and a peak at this month’s issue coming soon!)


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Spa Party – A Cut Above!

Wine, Cheese, Foot Massage, Conversation and Glamor. (I’m excited that this is what my post Holi plan entails.) I have been on the hunt for a really good hair dresser for a long time. You know how it is, you go thinking your haircut is going to be a spectacular upgrade of your current style and reflection of how far you’ve come in the land of cool and you often return a hat and sunglasses wondering how long it will take to grow out so you can start socializing again! But now I’m sorted. Have you met Carole Robequin? She’s one super stylist at Jean-Claude Biguine Bandra, Mumbai and she’s awesome.

I checked out Jean-Claude Biguine (a French Salon and Spa) in Bandra back in July 2008 and was thrilled to report your bad haircut blues are over. The next time you want a spanking new do make sure you book your face time with Carole (a training manager from France) who clearly knows how to snip and tuck. Bonus points for their funky massage chairs which give you a soothing back rub while you get your hair washed. I’ve also heard good things about their spa pedicure and French massage (very relaxing.) Now the ladies are well aware of this already but I thought I’d let the guys in on it too, while it may be wise to watch your wallet when it comes to indulging in life’s luxuries a pamper session like this is pretty priceless.

Anyway, on Thursday my favorite salon and Shaina N.C. are hosting a spa party for the Mumbai social circuit and a few Bollywood familiars including Raveena Tandon, Priya Dutt, Sonali Bendre, Poonam Dhillon, Simone Singh, Mini Mathur, Poonam Soni, Juhi Babbar, Alvira Khan, Anu Dewan, Raell Padamsee, Larra Shah and Purnima Mhatre. I’ll take pictures.

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When it Rains I love to…

We all have our favourite thing to do when it rains, have you ever wondered how the glitterati like to pass the time when it pours?

Rain Dance

Rain Dance

Raveena Tandon: Take a long drive, enjoy songs on romance and the rain, have hot coffee and bhutta, drive out to the countryside and enjoy the rare greenery…

Chetan Hansraj: Enjoy a nice cup of hot tea with steaming hot bhajiyas with fried green chillis. It goes perfect with the rain!

Arshiya Eappan: sit at home snuggled under a comforter and watch a good movie with Rij. If I’m fortunate enough and have time off I’d love to go to my house in khandala and enjoy the rain there.

Archana Puran Singh: Walk on the mall road back home in Mussoorie, or on the beach in Madh island (my home in Mumbai.) Earlier I would go for a drive but after environmental awareness and to curtail my carbon footprint drives have been replaced by walks!

Shveta Salve: Sit by a quaint little café with a really nice book or just go for a swim!

Yudhistir Urs:
Go for a run in the rain and sit by some seaside place watching the ocean go mad. It would also help if I had some good company once in a while.

Milind Soman: Run in the rain at night, sit on the beach and watch the sea or else trekking in the Sahyadris.

Simone Singh: (If work schedules permit) Fahad and I like to escape to Goa in the rains. It’s a much more enjoyable experience outside the city.

Sunita Rao: Sing.

Nikhil Chinapa: drink adrak chai and watch movies! And if I can manage it adrak chai in Goa, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

Anish Trivedi: Listen to jazz. Smoke a cigar. Drink an old whisky.

Tupur Chaterjee: Sit at home, relax, drink tea and feel the rain mist on my face. I really love the smell of rain soaked soil.

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