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Yes We Can (too!)

Ritesh Deshmukh
Ritesh Deshmukh
Shiamak Dawar & Kids
Shiamak Dawar & Kids
Mallaika Arora Khan
Mallaika Arora Khan
Harsika Batt
Hrishitaa Bhatt
Raj Bhavsar
Raj Bhavsar
Shiamak Dawar @ Kids We Can!
Shiamak Dawar @ Kids We Can!

ttpThis is way sweet. Last night Shiamak Davar’s electric show featuring blind and deaf children was attended by Alyque Padamsee, Shazahn Padamsee, Sharon Shazahn Padamsee, Jayant Patil Home Minister of Maharashtra, with his wife Shailaja (who got a birthday greeting in sign language no less!) Shaina NC, Viral Shah, Rupali Ganguly, Vikram Phadnis and Tarana Raja Kapoor.

Performances included The Blind Man’s Band (a band in which every member is blind) accompanied by Vijay Prakash, the critically acclaimed singer of songs like “Manmohini” from the movie Yuvraaj. Mind-blowing acts and audio visuals showcased how blind and deaf children recognize currency and people, can operate computers, travel in local trains, change platforms without any help and even has hold jobs without being able to see, hear or speak.

Celebrity performers included Riteish Deshmukh, Mallaika Arora Khan, an energetic performance by Hrishitaa Bhatt and never seen before gymnastic performance by Raj Bhasvar (the American desi who won a gold medal in the gymnastics category for the USA in the Beijing Olympics of 2009.) The real starts of the night however turned out to be students of the Helen Keller Institute proving without a shadow of a doubt that indeed they can.

Shiamak even moved the audience to tears with the heart wrenching tribute act to the film Black.

Its nice to see so much of this happening now and celebrities and just generally charged up regular folks showing their support as well. Whether it’s for the mentally handicapped, physically abused or creatively combating poverty.

P.S. I recall being captivated by an Astad Debo “Breaking Boundaries” performance with deaf students over a decade ago in Delhi. At one point they even turned the music off so you can experience the deafening silence they were grooving too. At the end when everyone got up to clap and were animatedly discussing the show in sign language I felt like I was the one with the handicap since I couldn’t understand their signs. Amazing what happens when you flip things around like that. Makes you think about how much we take for granted doesn’t it?

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Backstage with Shamita 2009 (V)

ss3It turned out to be quite a lazy Sunday even though a lot of meaty shows were lined up. It wasn’t a very busy looking venue as I had expected but the din picked up towards the evening.  Day 3 started nice and easy with the Gen Next show showcasing the future of India going into Rimzim who had some fabulous surprises emerging on ramp this time. Neeta Lulla’s ‘chiconomics’ showcased very wearable couture, a great way to stay afloat in todays times. Priya Kataria Puri opened her own show. Beautiful opening garment and she carried it fabulously. “She is such a stunning face, she deserved to be up there showing off her creation” said Viveka Babajee who is Priya’s dear friend and still looked fresh even after a hectic partying weekend. Someone walked down the ramp straight after Priya did and apart from a few socialites in the front row who cheered her on, no one else knew who she was. I noticed a lot of puzzled faces around me and whispers inquiring her identity but even I didn’t have the answer. My curiosity took me backstage straight after the show and found out that the mystery girl was Shatrugan Sinha’s daughter.

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha

I don’t blame people for not recognizing her. “She could have had her hair done differently from all the models then maybe she would have been noticed as a special guest walker and not blended in the show” I heard them say. The only reason I noticed that she wasn’t a model was that she was too fat to be one. Anyway I’m glad that at least I am recognized around these parts of the world and am magically welcomed at all restricted areas of the venue even without my ‘all access’ pass. Its like my face has become a pass in itself, not that I’m complaining, it saves me the trouble of hanging this badge thingy around my neck which I consider a serious ‘fashion faux pas’.

Priya k puri backstage

Priya Kataria Puri

The atmosphere was pretty stressed backstage just before the last show as Vipul Bhagat had 30 faces to make up and heads to dress and had only 2 hours to do them all. But he’s like a magician with his brushes acting like magic wands and so he managed just in time. Marc Robinson has been training his Miss India finalists so a bunch of his girls were chosen to walk for Vikram and Nandita’s show. “It’s the girls first ever professional show today but I am very confident about them since they have been going through strict trainings since a month now” he said. I sat to watch the rehearsal and noticed Vikram Phadnis personally putting name tags on all the seats for his guests and I thought it was quite sweet and dedicated of him to personally supervise everyone’s seating. Now who all attended his show you have probably already read in the other pages so let me leap ahead and tell you that Shah Rukh Khan walks the ramp tomorrow for Manish Malhotra.

Marc Robinson with his Miss India finalists

Marc Robinson with his Miss India finalists


Vipul Bhagt and Waluscha Robinson

Vipul Bhagat and Waluscha Robinson

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Style Bhai’s (and a missmalini contest to win my favorite DVD!)

On Wednesday night at the Taj Land’s End some of these guys are going to be crowned MANZONI – FHM Style Icons of the Year and felicitated runway-style by Vikram Phadnis.  (I’m also dead curious about how they’ll handle the tiny detail of Guatam Singhania being a nominee as well as the owner of the Manzoni brand, although you have to give him full credit for never wearing a transparent mesh shirt, which is more than we can say for at least one of the other nominees!) Watch this space for pictures and results! And the categories are…

Most Stylish Multifaceted Personality
Most Stylish Couple
Most Stylish Industrialist
Most Stylish Media Personality
Most Stylish Actor
Most Stylish Music Personality
Most Stylish Sports Personality
Most Stylish Art Personality
Stylish Model’s Contribution to Bollywood

Contest time!
Oh, and if you can guess who’s going to win “Most Stylish Couple” Shah Rukh & Gauri Khan, Gautam & Nawaz Singhania, Akshay Kumar & Twinkle, Abhishek & Aishwariya Bhachchan or Jeh & Celina Wadia before ISD 9:00pm on Wednesday January 21st, I’ll send you a copy of one of my all time favorite Bollywood movies, “Andaaz Apna Apna.” Deal?

*First 5 correct answers will win DVDs, post your answers in the comment’s section please.


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Backstage with Shamita VI

Day 4 Exhausted faces backstage, was all one could see on day 4, not only the models but even the behind the scenes crew members. By now we were expecting everyone’s catty claws out, but despite the occasional snapping the atmosphere was quite chilled. And the yummy chocolate ice cream that is available freely for all of us backstage also helped quite a bit. In fact did I mention this? Not just ice cream but loads of food and snacks are always around for us to munch on between shows. (it’s a different thing we don’t get the time!) There are also three other lounges available for those on a liquid diet. So in the gratification department we are all set!

Models Backstage

Models Backstage

The rest of the day went quite smoothly (almost mechanically) except for a few usual hiccups like for double designer shows where they fight over a common makeup look, due to which our make up process gets seriously delayed leaving us no time for rehearsals. Luckily we are professional enough to make the whole show look seamless and smooth even without the rehearsals.

The finale by Vikram Phadnis was definitely the highlight of day 4. True to the word ‘SHOWTIME’ it was worth a watch. With Shiamak Davar and his dancers performing, it definitely added to the already high glam quotient of the flamboyant creations of Vikram Phadnis. Priyanka Chopra was back again to do the finale walk. Wendell Rodricks sat in the front row and applauded the white gown Priyanka Chopra wore. He sat with Celina Jaitley and couldn’t stop complimenting the gown. So the show ended on a high note and we cant wait for tomorrow. It’s the last day!

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