Radio DJ, Party Animal and Mumbai’s Gossip Girl!

Me @ Work!

So it’s like this; I work as a DJ on a local Radio Station – 94.3 Radio One, report in on the Bollywood buzz live with Nikki Bedi on BBC Asia Network every Monday, run a social network called Friday Club, write a gossip column in the Mid Day and attend a hell of a lot of social “dos” (I plead occupational hazard but secretly enjoy it.) I like to think my fly-on-the-wall perspective is sometimes funny and mostly fair.

Remember though that this is Bollywood; aka tinsel town, the land of Prada & Paparazzi. Here everyone wants to be on “Page 3” – a direct descendant of the LA “Page 6” and very often they’ll stop at nothing for a full color high resolution mugshot. Watch this space then for all your desi glam gossip.

Perez Hilton I’m about to pay it forward.

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89 responses to “Radio DJ, Party Animal and Mumbai’s Gossip Girl!

  1. amar photographer

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  2. mujhe ledi & girls ki body mssage
    work chahiye please mail ID
    plz. riple

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    girls body mssage
    ka work please call mi back

  4. Hi,
    Miss Malini ..mujh apko batana h ke mai mumbai kabhi nhi aye per apke liye ye jarur kahugi ke u have a great voice & mai mumbai ana chahte hu so plzz ap mujh mumbai ke bareme kuch bata sakte hu tu plzzz per msz karna aur ha mujh ranbir kapoor ke gar ka address bhi forwaord karna ok bye ……..

  5. chicku.pj

    hi malini i am chicku located in mumbai i like to work with u..if u r agree mail me

  6. Dear Malini, we’re started this little thing that we like to call ‘Advertising Atyachar’ and would love if you could leave your take on the page. Hoping to hear from you soon.

  7. nalishka

    hey hi malini,

    was wondering how would one go about to audition as an RJ

  8. joe

    hey can u do something so that the images on ur site can be seen when viewed on google reader.. Keep on blogging.. 🙂

  9. hey malini hi,
    heard about your friday club mumbai through an article in man’s world magazineabout couple of yrs bk.tried a lot to get in touch with you reagarding the club which sounds really interesting and fun.kudos to you fr multitasking and doin a gr8 job.this blog of your’s is also hreat way to keep track of the parties,bollywood and gossip.would lyk to suggest you to have a friday club at blore also if possible.thanx and cheers

  10. Hey Malini, nice 2 see that you 2 r blogging , 🙂 awesome.

  11. Pradnya Adhikari

    I am Pradnya and I have recently caught on to your blog and have been following it. Your blog makes for very interesting reading.
    I represent Ashvin Kumar, a renowned independent filmmaker. Ashvin began working as an actor and director in theatre. After taking a degree in Media and Communications (University of London) he began working as an editor. Ashvin set up a digital post-production business in New Delhi before he relocated to London where he established Alipur Films ( while briefly attending the London Film School.
    Ashvin Kumar has got international recognition for his two short films Road to Ladakh and Little Terrorist. Little Terrorist ( was, in fact, nominated for the Oscars in 2005 and has won 15 international awards and honours in over a 100 film festivals including a nomination to the European Film Academy.
    We were wondering if your readers would appreciate a review on these films on your blog. We can send you the combo DVD that he is launching for you to see. We would like to hear your opinion on the films.
    Let us know how you would like to take this forward. We can arrange to send you a DVD in any part of the country. If you need any further information, I would be glad to help you out.

    Take care,


  12. Shernel

    Hi Malini,
    Luv ur shw, alwys lstn to u on my way back frm wrk at around 10pm, makes driving a pleasure, u sound gr8 nd really sweet. Had infact called last wk to talk abt the most unique thing iv carried abroad, u wer suppsd to snd me a radio one party pack…its nt hppnd yet, its just that i wz excited to recv a knd of a svnr frm radio one. Neways keep up the gd wrk, tk care nd keep havin fun.

  13. Rohit

    Hey Malini,
    Your voice is FANTABULOUS and the music played during your show is top notch. I love your show and tune into it religiously. Driving back home becomes such a pleasure, despite those harrowing traffic jams.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂


    • missmalini

      Hey Rohit!
      Thanks so much for the positive feedback 🙂 totally made my day. (That’s my first “Fantabulous,” SCORE!!!)

  14. Well its you!
    Clearly you r promoting your show and site on the most popular blog on the internet!
    Remember, what goes around comes around

    • missmalini

      Sadly on the internet people can use your name and your URL and write just about anything Arun. Don’t know what to tell except that I even requested the blog owner to delete those and block whoever the hell is posting them. I wouldn’t post inane comments to get traffic that’s not what its about!
      And yes what goes around does come around.

  15. shruti

    hi malini, thank u sooo much for letting me observe how u do ur show! i’m really impressed by ur speed and efficiency. How do u manage to multitask so well?

    • missmalini

      Hey anytime 🙂 glad you had fun amid the chaos!! Not sure how it happened but I do believe I have become a MASTER MULTI-TASKER!!! 🙂

  16. PeachBellini

    hey malini, tell us a bit more about Friday Club, is it for mumbai people only?dd

  17. I must listen to you on AIR:-)

    You have a lovely blog as well!

  18. vijay gupta

    hei malini,
    u r d best radio jocky. ur sound is very spicy n juicy. i like it all.
    malini, please suggest me,how to speak mind blowing English.

  19. missmalini

    Hey Siddhant! So happy to hear that, makes this job so much more awesome to know we actually make a difference 🙂

  20. Hey … good to see you on webworld … I rem hookin on to FM Radio since it began to spread its wings in the city … won lot of competitions on ur show … and also met some special ppl on the Going Solo club you had started … Its strange but at times being at that level where ppl try and reach out to u, one never comes to know how you must be affecting their lives … I have some real special memories to cherish from the past … and you are a part of em … But it all began from your radio show … and the club u started 🙂

  21. missmalini

    Thank you Priyanka 🙂 made my day!

  22. Priyanka

    Regular listener of your show.. Always my driving campanion from work to home…
    Love your voice… its soo sexy and fun!!
    Keep up the gr8 work gal!

  23. missmalini

    Hey Shruti! I found it on this website which features the day’s most emailed stories from around the internet…

    The story is here:

    • shruti

      Thank you soooo much malini! u r the most helpful RJ ! :)By the way, i’m missing the attention game on the show, plz plz get it back, if possible!

  24. shruti

    hi malini! this is yr loyal listener shruti! i really liked the research on smiles by psychologists that u spoke abt in d show 2day! can u plz tell me which website did u visit or any book that u read that had this research? sounds v interesting n i would love to read it since i belong to the field of psychology. Ur show absolutely rocks!

  25. missmalini

    Scherezade super idea missy! Do you know any? Send them over we feature all kinds of talent on Tuesdays!

  26. Last evening’s show was excellent and am so thankful that someone in the city actually gives air time to interesting bands that don’t cater to the Bollywood crowd.
    You should do some spoken word et al on the show.
    Get hold of local spoken word performers/ slam poets (ahem, ahem) and probably make them jam with alternative musicians.
    That’d be fun and I’d be glued to the radio-oh!

    – Scherezade

  27. missmalini

    Hey Prathmesh believe you me no one is happier than us to be back! 🙂 Thanks for being a loyal listener and for the compliment!

  28. “Ohh I found ya!! (..Ok atleast here! 😛 :D) ..Sometime back there was an FM frequency, I vaguely remember it now but I guess it was ‘Go 92.(something something)’ I think. For sure a nice station and the only one to rock with international hits all day long, and add to that it had amazing Rj’s or ‘Radio hosts’ {as I more likely to prefer to call them} with that interesting quotient who happened to get me hooked. Then it all went *poof* one day and I happened to miss all those ‘mellifluous voices’ to whom I was soo hooked to. ..And now there you are back again with your distinctly unusual style of Rj’ing; rocking Mumbai air frequency big time. So there I am back again getting hooked. ( the FM freq. that is!!) And ooo.. before I forget “..Malini is great too!! 😀 🙂 lolzz

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  31. missmalini

    Hey Mridula! So as far as I know Avanti and Yash met in college and married a year after the tragic death of his family in a plane crash on February 14, 1990. I don’t think he had time to be married before and I’m usually too distracted by his fashion sense to focus on anything else anyway 🙂

    As far as Heera Rajgopal goes apparently she was known for serious skin exposure in her films across Tollywood and for an alleged romance with Ajith Kumar which ended when he married Shalini. She married Nikhil Nagarajan in 2000 and now lives in the US after her divorce.

  32. Mridula

    Since you are the Mumbai gossip girl, clarify this juicy news for me!!! Yash Birla was married to actress Heera Rajgopal – where does this fit in Avanti -when did they get mareied? Was he married to two women at the same time? Quite something for a gay guy, what say? Terribly confused – and she filed for divorce!! Whew!!! Thanks babe

  33. missmalini

    Hi Bharat! Thanks for listening, unfortunately the local radio station I work at in Mumbai is not broadcast online yet but will keep you posted. You can check out highlights on till then!


    Hi, Malini; started listening to you via – BBC Asiannetwork – Nikki Bedi’s show – I listen on line in Fresno California, USA – can not listen to radio programme (is the radio station am and on line?)

    good work keep it up – Bharat

  35. Anuraag

    HEY malini i’m your no.1!fan i’ve made an e-mail id especially 4 u at its Anuraag
    i hav yor image put up 4 dat id!!……
    i try my best to call u up but the bad luk is that no one attends the call…i understand u stay busy…no problamoo if u wanna talk to me I’m always der!! yor voice roxxxxxxxx
    & u rulllllleeeeeeeeee!!!!!! …i can always help u out!!!!!!! if u need my help!!!!! Rok on 4 evaaaaa!!!!!

  36. andy

    ayyye….well the grammy music thing was cool…
    hey with cris brown gone do u think my frnd wud have a chnce with rihanna.
    hes just as tall,skinny,bald,dark and as old as her……hmm…match made in heaven….jst that she wud have to get used to his mouchee,snoring,drinking n mallu music……arrr…my ship awits must leave as we pirates rise in those stormy seas seekin fr lost treasure n bounty…arr…arr

    ahh any chance i cud replace those chik flik movie tickets fr sme hardrok passes or smthn bettr cus tardeo aint a sneeze away jst fr sme movie tickets……pleeej

  37. missmalini

    Come on Andy! Do you know how impossible it is to make everyone happy when you have just one skateboard to give out?! 🙂 Also you’d be amazed how many people sent in the answer before I gave out the trivia, more metal fans than you think!

  38. andy

    ok nw im pisd..arr…wantd tht skate board real bad.wud hv ben a cool gift fr my bro…i msgd even bfr u gave in those details…my bro wreckd my head fr yrs listen to metallica,g nr,nirvana,rammstien,megadeath,pearl jam,

  39. andy

    heya thank u for metallica.thank u thank u ,,i gs i cn do this fr da whole night.
    hey my bro leavin for the states on wednesday,u want to snd smthn let me knw.n ya we kinda spend a lot of money partyin last month since hes been here,lft wth nothng to gv my grl fr any ideas.pls…

  40. missmalini

    Thanks so much!! Stay tuned and feel free to request a song I promise I’ll play it!

  41. Zainul

    Hey , i tuned in to ur show last nite n i loved it … ..i really like ur voice n m glad 2 see ur picture as well on d blog …. i also loved d music u played .. keep rockin ! all d best !

  42. missmalini

    Hahaha bang on Shilpa 🙂 especially in “The Dally”

  43. Shilpa

    Is Perez called Parez is India respectfully? 🙂 lol!

  44. shruti

    hey malini, looks like u r havin a lot of fun! u r looking so cute in yr winterwear! ur loyal listener is missin yr sweet chirpy voice on the show. 🙂 enjoy ur trip! shruti

  45. missmalini

    Hey thanks Anderson that’s very kind of you 🙂

  46. Anderson

    Wassup gal, did u know that you have a fan from kenya, East Africa? i guess u didnt and thats me. i usually do catch ur show via satelite.just 2 say u rock and i like your unique style, its good and by the way am also a dj but a club one so believe me .cheers and love ya.

  47. Gaurav

    Wow!! Thanks so much Malini. Its soo nice of you and Radio One. A burden just shifted from my shoulders! Phew!!
    Nice to know you havin fun already! So exactly what all places r u exactly going to? Partying there too??

  48. missmalini

    Don’t worry will have someone send it to you, and thanks am having a blast already!

  49. Gaurav

    Hey Malini,
    I was so excited about winning Dido’s new album, a huge thanks to you, that i couldn’t resist coming all the way from Kandivali to Tardeo to collect it. But when i reached the radio one office in Everest Chambers after a lot of tiresome travelling, it turned out that the office was closed..I was highly dissapointed. I felt so bad. I really wanted the CD. Is there no other way by which i can get the CD??I doubt i will ever be able to make it to the office coz of my bust schedule.
    And ya, enjoy your world tour. I hope you have all the fun. I am sure it will be memorable for u.
    Take Care.
    And we all will miss u so much on the show.

  50. shruti

    hey Malini i’m glad to hear that u r safe and sound.I thank God for saving my dear Malini.I couldn’t call u on air since i had a major sore throat and could hardly speak. Shruti

  51. Gaurav

    Hey. Yeah, i just got a call from Radio One. My all doubts are cleared. Thank you so much for such a quick response!

    Your loyal listener,

  52. missmalini

    Hello! You’re welcome Gaurav! Reshma from the Radio station will call you and tell you how to collect your prize. Stay tuned and thanks for spreading the word! 🙂

  53. Gaurav

    Hey Malini. Thank you soo much for declaring me a winner of Dido’s Safe Trip Home album. Its so generous and nice of you. But i have a humble request. Can you throw some light on how do i collect the CD? I am very excited. I am a huge fan of hers, so is my family. thanks Malini. Keep rocking the show, its awesome. All my friends are now hooked to your show as well.

  54. deveshkayal

    Hi Malini,
    I have been listening to your shows right from ‘Horn OK Please’ on Go till now. I think you are just a fabulous RJ (ofcourse I love Jaggu and Tarana). I remember Anish Trivedi saying that you are the next RJ to watch out for few years back and I had no doubt about it!

    Keep on rocking!!

    Warm regards,

  55. andy

    hey jst peepin in…
    ur fans pourin in wth those comments i hope..gud luck n keep it rolling

  56. missmalini

    That sounds perfect! Will call you on Monday night and we’ll kick it off. Thanks!

  57. shruti

    Hey malini, i thought about yr idea.We can do a game on colors and what it says about yr personality, where a listener picks a color and i analyze them? How about that? shruti

  58. Hey Malini,
    Your show is THE BEST! Love all the music you play. Thanks a zillion for playing my dedication last night. The weekly rock band hour is great as well. Mumbai is very lucky to have an RJ like you.

    Your blog is fun!

  59. missmalini

    Abhishek, hello! Thanks for listening, we’ll be starting some more really fun segments like tarot next week make sure you tune in!

  60. missmalini

    Hey Shruti thank you for the fun psycho analysis. Can you potentially do this for listeners? Where they come on air and you tell them something about themselves through a quick psycho analysis game or something? Just a thought…

  61. Hi Malini, You have a best voice ever ! Love to catch your show every night. Hey, have you stopped the “Shirley Bose” thingy?

  62. shruti

    Hi malini, thank you sooo much for putting me on air for t big boss analysis!i’ll never forget ur kind gesture in my life! u r an absolutely sweet gal who really keeps her promise. I hope what i spoke fulfilled yr expectations?

  63. missmalini

    Hey Deepti thanks so much 🙂 I’m really enjoying it!

  64. Deepti

    gr8 stuff..the things u write about r pretty eclectic..makes reading very interesting..may the words keep rolling:)..and keep up the gaana-shaana:)..cheers!

  65. missmalini

    Thanks Andy & Gaurav, feedback is always welcome 🙂 thanks for listening… stay tuned!

  66. Gaurav

    Hey Malini, of late i feel that Tiger Time is becoming an overdose of Rock. I think its time we have some more hip, pop-rock and funky up-beat danceable electronica music (sorry for mixin up genres, i hope you get wat i mean)..the fridays and saturdays used to have perfect playlists, but inclusion of hindi tracks is a turn-off!
    I hope you are open to feedback. But i am still the loyal listener.
    Love ya..i’ll catch you at 9 🙂

  67. andy

    heya miss M
    cnt think!!!
    of course that aint a figure of speech…damn that figure’s leaving us alot speechless
    why o why did i miss thst halloween party is a questn i shall nt dwell upon..thanks fr the invites though..
    hey could we have newr tracks frm hip hop,rock n othr stuff…
    thanks again fr that u2 night…
    try catchin friday night lights at 6 on star world im sure ul like it…

  68. navendukumar

    hi malini
    namaste and good morning
    this is navendu from sunriseradio uk well it is good that u are also from radio industry malini ur hard work and dedication to radio industry has really impress I have written you email and hope u will really reply me back from ur busy schedule and hopefully 2 great radio people will definately share there rich experience with each other waiting for your response and reply

  69. missmalini

    oh yay! I’d love to 🙂

  70. shruti

    sure! we can do a link abt big boss and specially abt raja, rahul and monica, but let me know in advance! and hey, plz don’t take t online IQ tests, bec they r all crap and nonsense, specially the 10 min ones! If u wish, i can do yr IQ test for free!:-)

  71. missmalini

    Shruti!! You are so good for my ego 🙂 you know I always wanted to study psychology. Fascinating stuff! Unfortunately all the IQ tests I’ve taken online haven’t been able to capture my genius! I’m so glad you like Tarot. I love it and have gone to Shirley many times myself. Let me know if you want to ask her a question! Take care and stay tuned (I know you will!) P.S. I find Raja’s personality so interesting on Big Boss, I bet you have some really cool insight into how their minds work in this environment can we do a link about it on the show sometime?! xoxox

  72. shruti

    hi malini,this is shruti! ur most loyal listener and biggest fan, i tune in everyday without fail and then watch big boss. u r the most rocking and most intelligent rj (believe me, i can confidently say that u have a very high IQ level since i’m a psychologist! hehe)i really love t attention game and tarot on yr show !keep up t good work! 🙂

  73. missmalini

    Hi Gaurav! Thanks very much 🙂 glad you enjoy the show and feedback always helps! Stay tuned!

  74. Gaurav

    Hi Malini. This is Gaurav here. We just talked today. I know u dont remember. Well, your show is just amazing. I just love the Late Night Love Radio, Tarot with Shirley Bose is quite interesting. The Recipies by the super chef are nice too. And what can i say about the songs. A brilliant playlist with a little bit of all genres. And ya, i am still addicted to Stars by Simply Red, u r at blame for that. It really Tiger Time from 9 to 12 and a really good companion all through the lonely nights. You rock and continue your awesome show.
    Keep it up dear!!

  75. missmalini

    Haha sure Neal and anytime you want a song just SMS ONE your request to 53650!

  76. neal

    hello!!! malini, itz good dat u r bloggin…
    nw atleast we cn sen our rqsts 2 u via this platfrm..
    cn u plz play ne song frm hard candy!!!!

  77. missmalini

    Hi Anisha! Thanks so much 🙂 you just made my day, next time you’re tuned in let me know what your fav song is I’d love to play it for you!

  78. anisha

    hey malini, i listen to ur show tiger time every nite, it was pretty cool to see your picture on ur blog….. i really like ur voice guess the best i ever heard a female rj sound!! all the best-anisha

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