Nisha Harale Bedi Cannes too!

Nisha Harele (far left)

Nisha Harele (far left)

Nisha Harale

Nisha Harale and Ayush Khedkar

Nisha Harale Bedi shared her pictures from the red carpet at Cannes with me today, she was there for the promotion of the film “Shyam’s Secret” by Deborah Mangola (Director) in which she plays the lead along with Ayush Khedekar from Slumdog Millionaire. Did you know she acts? How did I totally miss this info?

Apparently Shyam’s Secret marks the return of Slumdog Millionaire child star Ayush to the big screen for a Swiss film. Ayush, who played young Jamal in Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning drama, will co-star in “Shyam’s Secret,” an adventure tale set in India about an 8-year-old girl and her friendship with a mysterious boy named Shyam. Filming begins in October in India and will be shot in French and English.

Nisha is wearing Chaos Couture by French designer Christophe Guillarme from his Fall 2009 collection and gushes that her complete look was done by him and his team. (Nice work n’est pas? I love the two-tone dress. What say HHC?)

P.S. I find her to be quite a fun free spirit. Remember her wedding to Adam Bedi in Goa I got you the first look at?



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3 responses to “Nisha Harale Bedi Cannes too!

  1. Malika

    Love her shoes. She looks comfy there, unlike fake Mrs. Bachchan who is still constipated after all these years of limelight.

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  3. Pavani

    Oooh this is that Bedi? lol For a sec I was like I don’t recognize this Bedi. The kid looks cute 🙂

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